Welcome to ISC's Forum


Network infrastructure professionals are a rare breed. We need to help each other out to keep the Internet as a whole running smoothly. Do you run a DNS or DHCP service? If you use open source software from ISC, including BIND, ISC DHCP or Kea, this is the place to ask questions and share your experience with others. While there are active user mailing lists for these software systems, the mailing lists are not easy to search for authoritative responses or best practices. We hope that this forum will provide an accessible option for getting the best advice from the user community on DNS & BIND, DHCP and ISC’s DHCP software.

Other Important References:

  • BIND source repository and issue tracker is at gitlab.isc.org
  • ISC DHCP source repository is at source.isc.org and the issue tracker is at bugs.isc.org.
  • Kea source code and issue tracker is at kea.isc.org. Source code is also available and patches are accepted on github.
  • ISC maintains a knowledge base at kb.isc.org with all our release notes and some helpful technical articles.
  • Please report suspected security vulnerabilities in ISC software to security-officer@isc.org