About the DNS & BIND category


ISC publishes the BIND DNS software system, and our staff have many years of experience in DNS. BIND users have even more collective experience and operational wisdom.

  • Please report actual bugs in the issue tracker.
    We have an open BIND source repository and issue tracker at gitlab.isc.org.

  • Feel free to discuss requirements here - many times someone else will have had the same requirement and they may have devised a good solution.

  • We have an active BIND user mailing list. We are launching this forum to make it easier for people to browse and find answers. It is expressly OK to link to discussions on the BIND-users mailing list where that is helpful.

  • Please do not post suspected security vulnerabilities here. Instead, contact us at security-officer@isc.org

  • ISC offers commercial technical support service for BIND. This forum is not that service. This is an open forum for soliciting advice and sharing experiences freely with anyone/everyone on the Internet. If you require privacy or assurance of a timely and accurate response, please consider subscribing for ISC’s technical support service.