30 years of DNS and BIND


We are going to give a talk at the ICANN DNS Symposium right before the next IETF meeting (Montreal, July) that I think will be kind of a retrospective on the evolution of the DNS, the DNS protocols, and BIND itself.

Here are some things that maybe we could talk about:

  • What are some BIND or DNS features that in hindsight, you wish we had never bothered with? (ok, DNSSEC, but what ELSE?)

  • What are some features that other DNS developers probably wish we hadn’t put into BIND (yes, I don’t expect them to answer here, but I can find them and ask them)

  • Great DNS Disasters, where errors or bugs took down or otherwise mucked up significant sections of the DNS?

  • DNS protocol ‘bugs’: there was the not-so random queue ID, the Kaminsky bug, what other significant protocol level bugs have we had?